Posted by Milan Jara
28 July, 2012

Have Some Olympic-Sized Fun with Olympic-Themed Ceiling Tiles

Something truly extraordinary is happening this week. The strongest, fastest, and most amazing athletes from all over the world are gathering in London to engage in a peaceful, friendly competition to earn the honor of being called “The World’s Greatest.” Even if you’re not the fastest runner, highest jumper, or strongest lifter, you can still have some fun and feel as if you’re participating in the tradition with our Olympic-themed ceiling tiles.

An Ancient Tradition Made Modern

These Olympic games have a rich and ancient history. During the Golden Age of Greece, even wars were temporarily halted to allow the athletes to travel to the city of Olympia to take place in this honorable competition, with the winners honored with crowns of laurel leaves.
In 1896, visionary French Baron Pierre de Coubertin started the games up again with the same ideals of noble competition and athleticism. The games have slowly but steadily gained in stature and participation, until today over 10,000 runners, swimmers, gymnasts, and more from over 205 countries will participate in this year’s games.

It’s All Greek to Me

To pay homage to the cradle of democracy and the birthplace of the Olympic games, why not have fun with our Greek-themed tiles? From the glamor and intricacy of the DCT 01 Argonaut to the simple elegance of the R 21 Greek Key to the traditional Mediterranean design of the 2441 Grecian Urn, and even the tropical feel of the sky blue 151 Aegean Seashell, there’s sure to be a Grecian-style tile that’s right for your room.

Faux Tin Ceiling Tile - Antique White

Faux Tin Ceiling Tile – Antique White

Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

Styrofoam Ceiling Tile

Tin Ceiling Tile - Grecian Urn

Tin Ceiling Tile – Grecian Urn

Faux Tin Drop In Ceiling Tile

Faux Tin Drop In Ceiling Tile

These Tiles are a Bit of All Right!

The beautiful venues that have been built in and around London just for these games are just ripping! If you’re looking for a bit of merrie olde England, look no further than our British-themed tiles. From the intricate 1204 Queen Victoria and 2409 Classic English Garden to the stunning-in-their-simplicity 2433 Trafalgar Square and 0617 SOHO, our tiles would satisfy anywhere from London to Liverpool, and even across the pond in the USA!

1204 Queen Victoria
2409 Classic English Garden

2433 Trafalgar Square
0617 SOHO

Even if you’re just an “armchair athlete,” you can still have some fun and honor the elite sportsmen and sportswomen of the world by installing our Olympic-themed decorative ceiling tiles.

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