Posted by Milan Jara
17 July, 2012

We Crashed This Bath!

We at Decorative Ceiling Tiles love it when our products appear on do-it-yourself websites, but we were really thrilled when our beautiful tiles were featured on the Bath Crashers television show with Matt Muenster on the DIY Network.

Rags to Riches

If you’re a big fan of do-it-yourself shows, as we are, you’ll love watching the way host Matt Muenster took an ordinary bathroom and turned it into a luxurious spa with just a few fixtures, some beautiful ceramic tiles, a new polished wood floor, and our 208 Hyde Park faux tin glue-up tiles.
208 Hyde Park Faux Tin Glue-Up tile
The white matte finish of these tiles fits in perfectly with the sophisticated monochromatic black, grey, and white color scheme. Open shelving and streamlined sinks add to the feeling of sleek elegance. To add a bit of a shimmer, you could use these same tiles in the lustrous pearl white finish, or even the glistening silver.

Let There Be Light

Our tiles are so easy to work with that it was a simple process to cut and trim them in order to work in the light fixtures. This made it just a simple matter to recess the lighting elements, softening the light to a warm glow and adding interest with depth and dimension.

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Featured on <i>Bath Crashers</i>

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Featured on Bath Crashers

To add to the feeling of brightness, Matt added a huge mirror that is not only beautiful but practical.

We’re Big Fans

To keep the room sparkling and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, Matt added an exhaust fan that was also recessed into the ceiling right into the center of one of our tiles.

Finishing Touches

The open tub and smoked-glass shower stall contribute to the sleek and modern look, and the addition of a wide-screen television turned this room from a bath into a spa. Finally, Matt added two sets of large, soft, fluffy bath towels, one set in a deep, rich charcoal and the other in a sparkling snow white.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit the Bath Crashers website and view more photos of this beautiful remodel on the Affiliate Summit Networking Forum website. Bath Crashers airs Mondays at 10:30 pm Eastern and Pacific time and 9:30 pm in the Central and Mountain Time Zones.

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