Posted by Milan Jara
26 December, 2011

A Visit from St. Nick

A Visit from St. Nick

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
The ceilings were all dull, peeling, and bland.
There were old popcorn coatings, all sagging and peeling.
Well, they just weren’t pretty, not very appealing.

But our clients were nestled ‘neath tiles so appealing—
And all gazing up at their hand-painted ceilings!
The designer in his studio and I in my bed
Had such wonderful visions of tiles in our head!
DREAMSCAPE Ceiling Tile: Was it all just a dream?

When up on the ‘net there arose such a clatter,
I sprang up at once to see what was the matter.
Logged on to my laptop, I flew like a flash—
I’ll take Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal, or cash.

The light from the screen of my shiny new laptop
Gave a glow to my visage that seemed it would not stop,
When what to my uploading fingers appeared
But requests for a custom tile with some reindeer!

Soon another one came for a tile with an elf,
And, last, but not least, one with Santa himself!
More rapid than Charlie Sheen’s tweets, emails came
Till I couldn’t even remember my name.

Now Khloe, now Kimmie, now Venus, Serena,
On Ashton, on Demi, on Bieber, Selena!
To the front page of Twitter and MySpace and Yahoo,
Now tweet away, blog away, FaceBook and YouTube!

But I had a sort of a sneaking suspicion
That all of these had an ulterior mission.
So right then and there I wrote email real quick,
Hit send, and then off it flew to St. Nick.

Image: luigi diamanti /

Image: luigi diamanti /

“Why, yes, we’re redoing our look.” Then a smiley.
“The North Pole could use some up-sprucing with tileys!
These tiles will look great up here at the North Pole.
We want them to look like they’re elves’ homes, not trolls’.”

I laughed to myself; it was really quite merry
To think that Saint Nicholas was really so very
Enthralled with our ceiling tiles, sparkling and shiny,
That he’d want them for all rooms, both the big and the tiny.

We made up those new tiles just as fast as a lick,
Sent ’em out next day air; they delivered ’em quick.
The elves and their boss were so very excited
They asked us to come to the Pole; we’re invited!

Next year we hope to get even more smiles
By making some beautiful custom ceiling tiles,
A candy cane, maybe, or possibly some holly
Or even a poinsettia—now that would be jolly!

So now that we’re done with that big Santa order
We’ve one thing to say to those outside our borders:
May everyone have lots of peace and good cheer.
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good year!

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