Posted by Milan Jara
30 November, 2011

Classic Gingerbread Tin Ceiling Tiles Reflect the Warmth of the Holiday Season

There’s more than one kind of gingerbread. One kind is the kind you make into delicious-looking houses and decorate with sweet icing and festive candies. Another kind is the decorating style used in Victorian England and old Bavaria and the classic Eastern European countries of the same era. And now there’s a third kind—classic gingerbread decorative ceiling tiles!

Warm and Delicious

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without the spicy aroma of gingerbread people and houses, piping hot and fresh from the oven. Kids and adults alike love decorating these delicious caramel-colored cookies with sparkling white frosting, chocolate and multi-colored sprinkles, red-hots, and silver jimmies. They’re so irresistible that it’s hard to wait until they’re completely cool before you take a huge, delicious bite. They’re especially good when washed down by a steaming mug of hot chocolate or a tall, frothy glass of eggnog.
Classic Gingerbread Ceiling Tile
Santa Claus will be sure to deliver extra-nice presents to anyone who leaves him a plate full of freshly baked gingerbread cookies with some hot cocoa to warm him on his long, snowy winter night’s journey!

Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square

The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square, by porbital /

The second type of gingerbread can be seen to its best effect on San Francisco’s famous multi-colored “painted ladies” houses. These classic Victorian three- and four-story houses near the Alamo Square district feature freshly painted pastel and bright primary colored wood with contrasting white woodwork, intricately carved posts and pillars, fancy cutouts, and intriguing curlicues.

These houses are so fascinating and colorful that many of them have been featured on postcards. Some of them are iconic—they have even been declared national landmarks in order to ensure that their beauty will be preserved for future generations.

The Third Type of Gingerbread

The design of these classic gingerbread tin ceiling tiles reflects the aura of both of these types of gingerbread. They are both warm and appealing as well as intricate and timeless. Their classic shiny surface and lacy design will bring to mind the cozy warmth of a brightly lit kitchen on a cold winter’s night, while the whorls and scrolls of the embossed design are reminiscent of the bygone era of grace and gentility.

Whether you install these beautifully designed classic gingerbread tin ceiling tiles in your home or business, you will be sure to evoke the sensibility of this elegant period when life and people were gracious and refined.

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