Posted by Milan Jara
01 November, 2011

Butterfly Ceiling Tiles Evoke Butterfly Kisses

When my children were very small, my mom showed them how to give and get “butterfly kisses”. They loved placing their baby-fine eyelashes near her soft cheek and blinking, quick as a wink, to create the sensation of a butterfly gently flapping its beautiful multicolored wings.
Butterfly ceiling tileSoft as a whisper and more delicate than a flower petal, these “kisses” were an adorable way for them to express and receive affection.

You can recreate the look and sensation of these ethereal creatures in your own home with these beautiful and decorative butterfly ceiling tiles. Featuring both solid and open depictions of these gossamer creatures against a background of finely embossed concentric circles, these tiles have a dainty, lacy appearance that would be a perfect addition to a nursery, child’s room, playroom, or even a sunroom.

Nurseries and Playrooms

If you’re still expecting, whether you already know the sex of your bundle of joy or have decided you don’t want to know until you’re holding your newborn snugly in your arms, these tiles are a great way to add a warm, fanciful look to your nursery whether your new baby is a girl or a boy. Lacy white curtains and a ruffled crib canopy will complete the diaphanous look.

Sunrooms and Porches

Install these lovely tiles on the ceiling of a sunroom, enclosed porch, or even a gardening room, and even in the middle of winter—when it’s so cold that the living butterflies have flown south for the winter—you will still be able to enjoy watching these gentle creatures. A few strategically placed leafy green plants will bring a little touch of nature and the outdoors into your home.

Tickled Pink (or Blue)

These styrofoam tiles are easy to paint with any non-toxic, water-soluble paint, so whether you decide to go with the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys or a gender-neutral color scheme like a sunny yellow or pastel green, you can safely and easily decorate your baby’s room without having to hire a decorator.

Antique painted butterfly pin, courtesy of Margaret Packman

Like the butterfly ceiling tiles, this pin looks lighter than air, as if it will fly away on its own!

Have some fun of your own when you’re decorating a playroom or older child’s room by painting different tiles in alternating primary colors, imitating the bright colors of your child’s building blocks and plastic linking toys.
You can even paint each individual tile more than one color, giving a rainbow effect to your ceiling, whether you choose soft pastels or bold primary colors.

It may be a cliché, but it’s very true that children grow fast, so, as the song says, “Teach your children well.” Although they’re both grown up and busy with college now, every once in a while, my son or daughter will still offer me a tender expression of their affection with a quick butterfly kiss. And in a few years, when they have children of their own, I hope to be there to teach my grandchildren how to give butterfly kisses, too!

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