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31 July, 2011

Prop Photography by Tracy Joy | Prop Insanity

Why do I love using props in photography? Well that is simple to answer, photography props just “make” the picture and add that extra oompf that I love to capture. In fact, I love props so much that I even created a full site dedicated to the use of props used in photography, a lil site called
Prop Insanity.

One of my favorite props, which is sometimes overlooked
as being called a “prop”, are backdrops.

Backdrops during studio sessions are a make or break deal. By adding a backdrop you create a “feeling” to your session. Whether it’s a silly & whimsical vinyl back drop, a simple damask cotton fabric, or even better some fabulous ceiling tiles lined up to create a backdrop, it gives a whole mood to your shot.

Through my love of all things props, and my obsession over at Prop Insanity I find all sorts of ways to use & create new backdrops on a regular basis.

You can create simplicity or even a fabulously vintage scene, with something as easy as a backdrop… and as a child photographer, and prop junkie, this is what I thrive on.

Below are a few samples, each a different style of backdrop, to give you a feeling for how fresh fun and easy to create backdrops are…

Below, is a simple damask upholstery fabric, hung along a backdrop stand…

Next, are the fabulous ceiling tiles from non other other than Decorate Ceiling Tiles (right here!). Stack them up and tape the backs together… and you have a fabulously perfect vintage background!  (photo thanks to my Prop Insanity buddy Carina Olsen).

Carina pained them herself, giving them a truly OOAK look!

And lastly is a vinyl backdrop paired with a fabric banner, to give a multidimensional backdrop with a really whimsical touch!

No matter what your style is, or what your level of creativity may be…
there is a backdrop fro you!

Whether it’s hanging a simple piece of fabric or honing in on your creative side by mastering a ceiling backdrop of your own… you can make it easy, fun and affordable… and your photography portfolio will thank you! I even scoop up local fabric stores “clearance” bins for my fabrics, and if you are looking to create a ceiling tile back drop look no further >>> CLICK HERE to learn how!<<<

Enjoy your photography,
Have fun with props,
and never forget about your backdrops… they are the centerpiece of all studio shots!

Come visit us over at Prop Insanity for regular features & reviews on all sorts of photography props, backdrops included…
Including our review featuring your own and only,
Decorate Ceiling Tiles!!!

~Tracy Joy~
Photographer & Prop Junkie

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