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22 June, 2011

Ceiling Decoration of a Mexican Restaurant in Ohio

Mexican Restaurant Ceiling DecorationDecoration of a Ceiling in a Mexican Restaurant

When you get to a Restaurant, what do you do while waiting?   I usually look arround to check out how clean & neat the place is.  Nothing is more discouraging than a dirty carpet, walls and sagging wet ceiling tiles that are bout fall down on your head.  Investing in your Restaurant makes a good sence if you are planning on staying in business and keeping your clients happy while waiting on the food.   Of course that if the food sucks you can have a million dollar decor and you will go out of business anyway.   So yes the most important thing in a restaurant business is the food that needs to be fresh and well prepared and preferably organic.  Then of course is the service and right after that is the decor.  The image on the right is from a Mexican restaurant, Las
Margaritas Restaurant in Upper Arlington, Ohio, where according to locals the food is very fresh and tasty.    But as a good business people who are looking for constant improvements that bring more customers to their restaurant the owners have hired Mike Campbell’s company M&M Construction Group LLC for some remodeling including the ceiling decoration.   I don’t need to tell you the statement the ceiling has and is making there.  What I will however tell you is that this beautiful image was a taken by Photography by Laura Buntemeyer.  As they say, a Photograph is worth thousand words I say that a Professional Photograph is worth million bucks.   Information how to reach the Contractor on this project and the Photographer are listed below the following image.

Tiles used: Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles 151 Antique Copper Drop In

Contractor who installed them: M&M Construction Group LLC, Phone – 614-668-7564

Photographed by:  Photography by Laura Buntemeyer , 937-305-3221

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