Posted by Milan Jara
17 June, 2011

Decorating a Barrel Kitchen Ceiling in Houston

Kitchen with a barell ceiling hand painted by James Storey of Spiritus - The Art of FauxDecorating a Kitchen Barrel Ceiling

So you think your dream kitchen has everything and then you look up and realize that the ceiling is bare.   Since the ceiling is the largest wall that usually gets overlooked, using it to pull things off pays of big.

James Storey from Spiritus – The Art of Faux has painted our ceiling tiles and installed them in his clients kitchen.  I think he did a great job and so does his client.

Here is a comment from James:

This effect was done using the 401 ceiling tile. It was done in a residential home in Houston.  The client wanted a crusty tin look, so we painted the tiles and used three different colors of glazes to achieve the time worn, rusty look.”

Kitchen Barell Celing Image:

fireplace,chandelier and a crusty looking barell ceiling








If you love this look, you can call:

James Storey

Spiritus – The Art of Faux


He is located in Houston Texas but he might be able to paint the tiles for you and send them where ever you need them.


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